Influential Album: "A Love Supreme" by John Coltrane

Whether it is a live radio show or even talking with friends/others, a similar question comes about asking "what was an influential album that made you want to do music full time or just play in general?" This is a very open ended question due to the fact that there are so many great albums done by great musicians but there is one jazz album that really stands out for me above the rest. That one album is by John Coltrane entitled "A Love Supreme". 

I am not going to lie, when I first was introduced to this album around late high school, I didn't give it the time of day because I wasn't really into John Coltrane's playing due to all the screeching of the horn and fast playing. It wasn't until around my Senior year of college that I would pick up the album again and listen to it. I tried to put aside preconceived thoughts that I had during my earlier years when first listening. When I sat down and really concentrated on every note/structure of the song, I have never been so blown away. Throughout this album, there are different suites as you will. The first section, Acknowledgment, opens up with a riff that is played throughout the song which is a very sweet sounding timbre. Later throughout you basically get a snapshot of what John Coltrane encountered throughout his career as a musician. For those of you that didn't know, Coltrane was consumed by the drugs/alcohol for a long time until he decided to lock himself in a room and quit cold-turkey. He knew that if he didn't change his lifestyle, he would either keep with what he was doing and be consumed by the devil's temptation or change for the better for himself/his family in which he would turn to God for guidance. 

This album conveys a raw emotion through Coltrane's playing. You can hear all the screaming that was going on through his head that was emulated through the horn as well as the sweet sounds later in the album that showed hopefulness and perseverance through adversity. When critical listening, I felt that emotion he was trying to bring to the surface in the listener and that's when I knew music was something that I want to do full-time. I want the music I create to strike emotion that Coltrane does whenever I listen to his work. 


Some Our Favorite Artists

September and October has brought us some really great music thus far and we are excited for things to come. We have been really digging into the new age R&B, Hip-Hop and of course the modern jazz scene. Our group has a very eclectic sound which allows for us to be unique in our approach to our music and drawing from other influences outside of the jazz realm has a huge impact. Here are some of our favorite songs from various artists from September till now, you can find this playlist on our Spotify account so go give us a follow!

322's Picks

1. Daniel Caesar - Blessed 

2. SZA - Love Galore

3. Braxton Cook - Somewhere in Between (Swarvy Remix)

4. Soweto Kinch - Triangle

5. Keyon Harrold - Hip Hop Joint




Emergence: the meaning behind the music

With this being our first studio album, we could not be happier with the public's response. It is a special feeling to be able to create music and share it to the world. While in the process of writing this music for the album, we went back and forth to figure out what would fit best for this and once we came across "Emergence", there wasn't a better fitting title.  The overall concept of this album was to show a rising of a new group. During our time as a group, we have gone through some very rough patches to the point of thinking that our time together as 322 has seen its last day. We took some time off to think things through as a group and agreed that the only way to be able to combat adversity, we must be able to persevere through hard-times. While creating this album, we were really able to show our audience a new sound that we have been trying to cohesively present throughout our time together. With playing live shows and finally tracking our compositions, listening back after final cuts were produced, we were blown away completely. When it is all said and done, the brief falling out was a necessary road block to be able to grow as group. This album shows the pure emotion that we poured into every track as well as our "uprising" of a new group with a fresh take on our sound.